Federico Buffa: RivaDeAndrè Fragile Friends

Theater | Set of events
Sunday 19 March 2023
h. 18:00
Sala Petrassi
Federico Buffa: RivaDeAndrè Fragile Friends
by Marco Caronna and Federico Buffa

Marco Caronna Vocals, Guitars
Alessandro Nidi Piano, Keyboards
Light designer Francesco Trambaioli
Visual Francesco Arcuri
directed by Marco Caronna

It is September 14, 1969, after a game in Genoa by a Cagliari team that would win
The one, historic championship. Gigi Riva goes to visit Fabrizio de André. It looks like a meeting between
two worlds apart, and instead, amidst the silences, thoughts of
Two strays who, in different fields, have always chosen to be on the side of others
strays. The points of contact of two universes that share Sardinia, the
sea, the audience that follows them religiously, soccer, music. When the words
become too much the two say goodbye, never to see each other again. Perhaps, because of this, a
meeting becomes theater.