Pop/Rock | Set of events
Sunday 16 April 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater

RETAPE, the review curated by Ernesto Assante and dedicated to the new proposals of the Italian music scene, returns. RETAPE is an observation point, a sort of lighthouse that tries to illuminate the shores of Italian music to help sailors "see" today's scene and discover its new and future protagonists.

Envoy is an Italian-French alternative rock band based in Rome. The project is rooted in alternative rock from across the Channel, with a nod to the independent scene of the late 1990s. The sound presents an experimental note, with reflective songs characterized by the frequent use of electronic sounds, ambient influences, minimal, and everything related to the world of trip hop. Envoy is currently working on their debut album.

For 20 years on the Roman and international scene with multiple collaborations with musical groups (including most recently in chronological order The Valeries with whom he released two albums, "Even If I Say" and "Rebel," Bracci has toured the world guitar on shoulder and harmonica playing between Japan, Singapore, London via Istanbul, Madrid and Rome weaving grunge and indie rock sounds, in the early days, and then blurring into soft rock with the release of his new EP, "Tres," in July 2022.