Chiara Vidonis/Domovoi

Pop/Rock | Set of events
Thursday 23 February 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Chiara Vidonis/Domovoi

RETAPE, the review curated by Ernesto Assante and dedicated to the new proposals of the Italian music scene, returns. RETAPE is an observation point, a sort of lighthouse that tries to illuminate the shores of Italian music to help sailors "see" today's scene and discover its new and future protagonists.

Chiara Vidonis has years of concerts all over Italy under her belt, a number of awards and recognitions, including winning the Bianca D'Aponte Award in 2011 in the Best Interpretation category and the Pigro Award - tribute to Ivan Graziani in 2014 with the unreleased song "Comprehend Hate," as well as participating in the album "Tregua 1997-2017" - Stelle buone," a re-release of Cristina Donà's first album, "Tregua," in celebration of 20 years since its release. "Hunger" is his second album and features production by Karim Qqru (The Zen Circus).

Domovoi was formed in 2014 by Daniele Failla (lap steel and vocals) and his brother Matteo (drums and vocals). Their scratchy sound is characterized by powerful riffs that foreground the groove. They move between predominantly rock sounds and while allowing a solid blues base to seep through, primarily accomplice to the lap steel, they often move toward experimentation. Their music is the result of everything they have listened to over the years, from Nirvana to Genesis, via The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Verdena, Afterhours, Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age. Their songs, all sung in Italian, speak of despair of joy and more generally of human feeling.