Pop/Rock | Set of events
Wednesday 10 May 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater

RETAPE, the review curated by Ernesto Assante and dedicated to the new proposals of the Italian music scene, returns. RETAPE is an observation point, a sort of lighthouse that tries to illuminate the shores of Italian music to help sailors "see" today's scene and discover its new and future protagonists.

Brama is a collective of eight artists whose expression combines music, theater, performance, video art, dance, literature and social media. Brama is a musical collective in the relational sense of the word. Music is not made of a simple sum of notes. In Brama, individualities are but chimeras or apparitions. Rather than a sum of individualities, Brama is a dizzying multiplication of self/other, which the members of the collective from time to time finely decline. Hence the need for a fable-like incipit: once upon a time. Once and always, as in myths. Each Brama event is at the same time a play, a rock concert, and a contemporary art performance.