Bob Dylan

Pop/Rock | Festival
Sunday 09 July 2023
h. 19:30
Sala Santa Cecilia
Bob Dylan

Five years after the three sold-out concerts acclaimed by audiences and critics at Sala Santa Cecilia, Bob Dylan Ennio Morricone returns to the Auditorium Parco della Musica on July 9 at Roma Summer Fest 2023 to present live "Rough and Rowdy Days," the album released in June 2020 and described by most international critics as one of the best albums released in recent years by the Nobel Prize-winning singer-songwriter - "In "Rough and Rowdy Ways," Dylan is exploring terrain no one else has reached before, continuing to push into the future," Rolling Stone wrote.



At the request of the Artist, this concert is a PHONE FREE SHOW, which means that phones are not allowed in the hall during the concert. The audience is invited to arrive well in advance of the concert start time.

How does it work?
Once you arrive at the venue, Yondr (the phone case company involved in this concert) will have its dedicated staff on hand to help you put your phone in a secure, closed case that you will keep with you throughout the evening.

What should I do if I have an emergency and need access to my phone?
You can unlock the phone case at any time by going to a dedicated, marked area designated for phone use. Do not hesitate to ask a Yondr staff member for help.

Why are we doing this and is it mandatory?
Having experienced this phone-free mode during recent tours, we believe it creates a better experience for everyone present. Our eyes open a little wider and our senses are slightly sharper as we lose the technological crutch we have become accustomed to. And yes, it is mandatory and non-negotiable.