Ambra Senatore, Marc Lacourt “Lap Lap.”

Dance | Festival
Sunday 19 February 2023
h. 11:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Ambra Senatore, Marc Lacourt “Lap Lap.”

Participatory dance for children and families
For 3 performers
Duration 1h

Design Ambra Senatore and Marc Lacourt
On stage 3 NCCN dancers.
Alternatively: Ambra Senatore, Marc Lacourt, Simona Rossi, Vincent Blanc, Lise Fassier, Lisa Guerrero, Barbara Schlittler, Nordine Hamimouch, Cécilia Emmenegger, Chandra Grangean, Elisa Ferrari
Lights Fausto Bonvini
Set Design Marc Lacourt
Music Richard Wagner, Combustible Edison, Franck Chacksfield Orchestra, Caterina Caseli, Chuck Berry, Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky
Duration 1h
December 2018 creation as part of the Nanterre Young Audience Season
CCNN Production
The Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes is subsidized by the State - Prefect of the Pays de la Loire Region - Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, the City of Nantes, the Regional Council of the Pays de la Loire, and the Department of Loire-Atlantique

A dance is like a cake: you have to prepare everything, invent a recipe -- and the best thing is to do it together. If Ambra and Marc bring the recipe base, it is up to the audience to bring a few ingredients: a pebble, a nod

Games follow each other, steps follow each other, in circles, in pairs, in groups.... To the rhythm of the music, the artists lead movements, revisiting everyday gestures in a dance number that will be created together with the audience. An invitation to dance together for a moment of shared happiness.