Alessandro Sciarroni/National Academy of Dance – “Overture”

Dance | Festival
Tuesday 07 February 2023
h. 20:30
Alessandro Sciarroni/National Academy of Dance – “Overture”

Excerpt from the performance "FOLK-S"

Music Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld

Choreographic collaboration Elena Giannotti

Interpreters Students of the Two-Year Compositional Course of the School of Choreography of the National Academy of Dance:Xiran Li, Yiming Zhang, Haohua Li, Huiyu Li, Yang Yiying, Aishanjiang Kamaliya, Natalia De Vita, Maria Francesca Godino, Martina Serra, Ilaria Aguzzi, Ilaria Baroni, Gaia Calabrese, Caterina Capecci, Laura Esposito, Sara Ferrigno, Raffaella Mencarelli, Virginia Picchi, Laura Natalia Pulido Granada, Lucrezia Santonocito, Jiaqi Wang


Overture is the title with which Alessandro Sciarroni, Golden Lion of the 2019 Dance Biennale, presents the opening excerpt of the performance FOLK-S will you still love me tomorrow?, an iconic choreographic work created in 2012 and based on the Schuhplattler, a typical Bavarian and Tyrolean dance that literally consists of clapping one's hands on one's legs and shoes.

The principle of transmission is part of the DNA of that performance: Sciarroni and his performers learned it by observing and dialoguing with a traditional dance group in the Aurina Valley and in turn passed it on to dozens of dancers at workshops and new mise en scene. From Hong Kong to Lyon, where the Opéra invited the Italian artist to forge a new version of FOLK-S for the academy-trained dancers of its Corps de ballet: The Collection, which will close this edition of the Festival.

Instead, for the opening night, Equilibrium 2023 will present the outcome of a teaching by Sciarroni at the Compositional Biennium School of Choreography of the National Academy of Dance.