Alessandro Sciarroni/Ballet De L’Opéra de Lyon “The collection”

Dance | Festival
Saturday 25 February 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Petrassi
Alessandro Sciarroni/Ballet De L’Opéra de Lyon “The collection”

In 2016, Alessandro Sciarroni created FOLK-S, a piece inspired by the Schuhplatter, a Bavarian folk dance that consists of hitting shoes, thighs and calves with the hands - simultaneously producing a body percussion and a leg and arm dance. For his recreation at the Opera, he produced The Collection, passing on this very old technique to the Ballet dancers.
Reduced to its most basic form, the Schuhplatter becomes a syntax to be recombined: a language freely used by each performer to redesign space and duration. From an eerie rhythmic sequence, endlessly repeated, figures emerge that follow their own logic. The group transforms like organic matter that is always being reconstituted. Between constraint and autonomy, play and trance, The Collection offers an extreme perceptual experience on the multiple declinations of a traditional form to its exhaustion.

Choreography Alessandro Sciarroni
Music Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld
Lights Rocco Giansante
Costumes Ettore Lombardi