Tuesday 05 December 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Sinopoli

Cosentino by birth, Roman by adoption, Aiello makes "genre contamination" his signature style, creating a unique style characterized by his original and distinctive vocal timbre and his emotional and sensual writing. Raised on "bread and soul," he has always ranged from indie to singer-songwriter pop through R&B. He has made a name for himself in recent years with a number of hit singles such as "Arsenic," "My Last Story," "Vienimi a ballare," and "What a Song We Are," which have earned him gold and platinum records. Belonging to the debut album "Ex Voto," the song "Festa" nominated in 2020 for the five-number of the 65th David di Donatello Awards. In 2021 Aiello participated in the Sanremo Festival for the first time, with the song "Ora," a gold record. In April 2022 he released "Paradiso," the single that accompanied his successful tour of major clubs around Italy. In December 2022, "Tomorrow I'll Be Back" was released, and in April 2023, "Let's Wait for Morning," the last track that anticipated the album "Romantic."