Ada Montellanico Quintet feat. G. Falzone

Wednesday 21 February 2024
h. 21:00
Teatro Studio Borgna
Ada Montellanico Quintet feat. G. Falzone

Canto Proibito is the new proposal of Ada Montellanico, one of the most representative artists of Italian jazz, tireless researcher of daring projects, centered on an idea of group sound always very innovative and on the choice of repertoires of great interest, not only musical but also sociocultural. In recent artistic projects, he wanted to dwell on female expressiveness in which the focus was on female artists in the history of music who have dedicated themselves to composition, conducting, and arranging, roles historically unheard of for women; or to highly successful record works centered on two outstanding performers such as Billie Holiday e Abbey Lincoln, the latter also representative of the civil rights movement of the African American population.

Ada Montellanico: voice
Giovanni Falzone: trumpet and arrangements
Filippo Vignato: trombone
Jacopo Ferrazza: double bass
Ermanno Baron: drums