Andrea Venerus, originally from San Siro, Milan, moved to London when he was 18, where he deepened his musical knowledge for five years and began working on personal projects, coming into contact with the Brixton and Notting Hill music scenes. After his time on English soil ended, the artist recorded a record in Rome and, having become fascinated by the atmosphere of the city, moved there. Today Venerus lives in Milan, the city from which on November 16, 2018, he launched his first record project, the EP "A che punto è la notte" released by Asian Fake and immediately acclaimed by critics and the public. The latter sanctioned the artist's fiery debut by giving him several sold-out performances on his first tour dates. The subsequent collaboration with rapper Gemitaiz in the song "Without Me" (feat. Venerus & Franco126), featured within the mixtape "QVC8" and to which the young artist lends pen and voice, was certified double platinum. In June 2019, he released the concept-EP "Love Anthem," four unreleased tracks (also released on vinyl) including "Love Anthem, No.1," which was certified a gold record. The tour that followed once again sanctioned the interest of an audience now spread throughout the peninsula, as well as giving a beautiful sold out at Magazzini Generali in Milan where, by the way, Venerus also sang the new songs he collaborated on, "What Time Is It" (Gemitaiz & Madman) and "Abra" (DARRN). April 23, 2020 sees the release of "Song for a Friend," an extemporaneous project written "in this moment for this moment," an open letter to a friend who is also the audience of Venerus and anyone who is experiencing the weeks of confinement during the lockdown. He released "Magical Music," his first album, on February 19, 2021. On December 17, 2021 Magica musica Tour 2021 is released, the live album that collects the songs in the arrangement presented throughout the summer 2021 tour, which saw Venerus perform in major cities and at some of Italy's most important festivals. After his "Ecstasy of Angels" tour of summer festivals in 2022, Venerus returns to the stage with the new show "Piano only" proposed with two sold-out Italian dates. Piano only Europe takes Venerus around European clubs between November and December 2022, with six exclusive dates (sold out) in Germany, England and Spain.