Valerio Lundini

Valerio Lundini was born in Rome in 1986. He graduated from the Roman School of Comics and began writing routinely in Linus magazine. In addition to his activity as a musician with Vazzanikki, he is an author on radio and TV, collaborating with Nino Frassica, Lillo & Greg, among others. In 2019, he participated as an author and comedian in the program "Jokes?" aired in the late evening on Rai 2. In 2020 he participates as co-host in the program "L'Altro Festival," a new version of Sanremo's "DopoFestival," streaming on RaiPlay, and also in 2020 comes his first role as main host in the program "Una pezza di Lundini." On March 4, he duets live on RAI1 with Fulminacci at the 70th Sanremo Festival, interpreting together with the Roman singer-songwriter (and enriching in his own way) the song "Penso positivo" by Jovanotti. In the summer and winter of 2021 he made two triumphant tours with his show "Mansplaning Explained to My Daughter," produced by Do7 Factory and Vigna PR. Registering all soldouts, with 50 reruns across the boot, the show was met with a huge response from audiences and consensus among industry insiders, reaffirming the eclectic creativity of the Roman comedian and presenter. Among his thousands of famous and absurd forays into TV and radio, from the "Sanremo Festival" to "Danza Con Me" with Roberto Bolle, stands out the participation in Rome's May Day Concert 2022 in Piazza San Giovanni, when together with his band The Vazzanikki sings a song for peace that is interrupted by a surreal phone call from President Putin himself. November 2022 saw the release of his second successful book entitled "Moving Pictures of Motionless Families," which follows the first "It Was Better Book"-both collections of surreal and irresistible short stories and splinters published by Rizzoli Lizard.