Tash Sultana

She began playing guitar when she was only three years old, and her curiosity would later lead her to experiment with a wide variety of musical instruments: from piano to drum machine, synth to flute, thus creating her own completely personal style. Tash, by exploiting the 5 octaves of vocal range and making them coincide and intertwine with almost percussive guitar sounds, manages to create totally original harmonizations. Tash with his team, taking more than two years, developed a loop station, designed and built to fully accommodate the intricate and unique live performance style. Tash 's refusal to confront the homologations, which society imposes on her, leads the Artist to perform in pubs and clubs, to the streets of Melbourne, with shows of a busker nature. It was along the famous "Bourke Street," playing on the street, that his talent began to be noticed by larger and larger crowds. Next comes the bedroom recording of "Jungle," which went viral in 2016. This succession of events brought his talent from the streets of Melbourne to be known worldwide. Since then it has been a steady rise for Tash, such that he has had so many sold-out shows in arenas around the world and a record sell-out in just five minutes at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. In 2019 with his world tour, he sold more than half a million tickets. "Terra Firma," his second album, number 1 on the ARIA charts, was preceded by "Flow State," winner of an ARIA Award for best debut album. With the special Album MTV Unplugged, recorded in the atmospheric Chapel off Chapel, in 2022 shared in 160 different countries, it is the most successful performance for an Australian artist. The record is an intimate look at the artist's evolution in his natural element, the stage.