Born in Mozambique when the African country was still a colony of Portugal, she is a Portuguese fado singer. While still a teenager and before she became a fadist she sang different genres of music, such as gospel, soul and jazz. In 1999 he came to the general public thanks to the TVI television network, which broadcast live tributes paid to Amália Rodrigues from the theaters of Lisbon and Porto. As early as her second album,"Fado Curvo" in 2003, Mariza is considered one of the finest voices in what some call the new fado movement. Her passionate interpretations and her voice, reminiscent of the great divas of the music genre, have quickly earned her international recognition and some major music awards, such as Best World Music Artist, awarded to her by the BBC in London in 2003. His debut album, "Fado em Mim" (2001) was an instant hit in Portugal, with over 30 thousand copies sold, and motivated his label's launch into international markets.