Interpol formed in New York City in 1998 and, after releases of a series of self-produced EPs, in 2002 they released their debut album "Turn On The Bright Lights" with Matador Records, receiving praise from audiences and critics alike and becoming a cult band, a leader in the new wave vein. "Antics," the second album, was released in 2004, after two years in which the band undertook extensive international tours and worked in the studio on the third record project, "Our Love To Admire." The album, released in 2007 is first recorded in New York and is the most successful album of the lineup with high achievements in the world charts. After devoting themselves to solo projects, "Interpol" was released in September 2010, which was followed by a long tour that included some U2 openings in stadiums. In 2012, a deluxe edition of "Turn On The Bright Lights" was released to celebrate the album's 10th anniversary that included demos and rarities, and two years later, in 2014, the fifth album "El Pintor" was released. In 2017 the band embarked on a tour to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first record, and in 2018 they released their sixth album "Marauder," which was followed by "A Fine Mess," an EP of material recorded during the "Marauder" sessions. In 2020, the seventh album takes shape, with the band collaborating for the first time remotely due to the global pandemic. In 2021 the Interpol gather to work together on new material in a rented house in the Catskill Mountains, before the final touches were applied in North London, for the first time together with veteran Flood (Mark Ellis) and returning to collaborate with former co-producer Alan Moulder. "The Other Side Of Make-Believe" is released in July 2022 followed by a world tour that will also bring Interpol to Italy in June 2023.