Fabri Fibra

He started getting noticed as early as 1995 within the Italian hip hop scene, thanks to some innovative cassette demos distributed amateurishly in the vast underground rap circuit. Active in the Teste Mobili Crew, a hip hop collective based in the Marche region, he recorded a few projects with Uomini di Mare before releasing under his own name his first real album "Turbe giovanili" (2002, gold record), built entirely on bases composed by Neffa, curated and produced solo by Fiber itself, from texts, to graphics, to distribution. Then, in 2004, "Mr. Simpatia" (Platinum) was released, a completely self-produced album, considered today as the junction point between the old school and the new era of rap in Italy, thanks to the total straightforwardness of the lyrics and Fibra's ability to translate into art and rhyme the brutality and complexity of life, both intimate and social, of an entire generation. This characteristic will be with him from here to today and is the reason for his continued success. "Chaos" (certified double platinum) is his latest studio album.