Daniele Silvestri

A versatile artist, in his career Daniele Silvestri has ranged between writing, theater, musicals and film. His stylistic signature combines the search for a new songwriting with the feedback of the general public, mixing talent and tradition, expressive lightness and civil commitment, as evidenced by songs such as "Cohiba," "My Enemy," and "My Home" alongside "The Things We Have in Common," "I Will Go Up," and "What Alibis." His appearances at popular festivals have always left their mark, thanks to his unique imprint on them: never over the top, but always surprising. The many awards he has received (Tenco Prize, David di Donatello, Recanati, Amnesty Italia, Grinzane-Cavour, Carosone to name a few) are further confirmation of his tension towards the other, his gaze, word and action always alert to the present, supportive, lucid, generous. Thus were born the numerous projects built with and for non-profit organizations that are also very different: Movimondo in Mozambique, Agende Rosse, CUAMM, Every Child is my Child among others. His lyrics are often linguistic acrobatics leaping out of his eight studio albums-a playfulness and talent that make him one of Italy's most literarily studied songwriters.