Auditorium arte

Auditorium Arte is a new 200 square metre area dedicated to art exhibitions, within the Parco della Musica. It is sponsored by the Comune di Roma – Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali, by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Museum and by Musica per Roma. Auditorium Arte aims at presenting unusual exhibitions, on a regular basis. Exhibitions with ancient or modern works of art that are chosen according to specific standards of quality, interest and originality.

A committee of experts, called “Amici della Galleria dell’Auditorium” (”Friends of the Auditorium Art Gallery”) act as consultants for Auditorium Arte. Luigi Zanda directs this committee, which includes prominent members of Italian culture such as Adriano La Regina, Eugenio La Rocca, Antonio Paolucci, Claudio Strinati, Franco Caltagirone, Attilio Codognato and Bianca Riccio. All these members devote their knowledge and passion to this unique area dedicated to visual art.

In order to encourage public participation, the entrance fee to this area is 1,00 € only.