The Auditorium Parco della Musica is open every day.

Access to the Cavea, Park, Foyer, Archaeological Museum and the "Risonanze" area is free.

Exhibitions and museum

What there is to visit

There are always permanent and temporary exhibitions which can be visited throughout the Auditorium complex.

Guided tours

The park tour

There are guided tours of the different concert halls and other areas of the Auditorium everyday.


Auditorium publications

In April 2002 Musica per Roma started publishing its own series of catalogues, papers and photographic editions to supplement events. All these publications are available at the Parco della Musica bookshop “Note Book”.


Partners in excellence

Our partnerships with companies and foundations aim to reinforce the vision of excellence and innovation which distinguish events at the Auditorium.
More details


Musica per Roma has set up a department specifically designated to promote events and educational policies for young people: “Settore politiche giovanili e didattica”.

This department aims to work closely with schools, colleges of music and universities not only from Rome and the Lazio region but also from around Italy, Europe and further afield.


The aim of this department is to bring children and young people closer to music, art and other performance arts. This can be achieved in different ways: firstly, by fostering understanding of visual and musical expression and by teaching them to decipher codes of non-verbal communication, together with in-depth analysis and interpretation of works. Secondly, by encouraging the children and students to develop their own expression and communication skills. Thirdly, by developing a musical education and analytical approach and contextualising the connection between a musical heritage and its historical origins. Lastly, by creating opportunities for inter- and multi-disciplinary education and by complementing school curriculum subjects of study.